Who is this?

I’m Juliette heeren and I’m an illustrator, designer and artist from the Netherlands and currently living in Roosendaal. I specialize in 2D-artwork and I also do design work. Aspiring to be a storyteller and product designer for toys.

Artist statement

As my main fascinations are psychology, human interaction along with invertebrates and vibrant colors; I communicate my own emotions via pieces which I am otherwise unable to due to social limitations. My long narratives deal with similar subjects, often with characters that are marginalized or looked down upon by society. Juxtaposed to that I have a great interest in vibrant colors, cute characters and toys from the past 30 years, which I show in more of my superficial artwork.

Curriculum Vitae

HAVO – Jantinbergen College – 2008-2012
MBO Graphic Design & Media – Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam – 2012-2016

Internship 2D game artist – Tingly Games – 2015
Internship Visual Designer – MXD Media – 2015
Freelance illustration – MXD Media – 2016-Present

Will enroll in the Illustration programme at Willem de Kooning Academy in 2017.