Illustration, writing, design 2016

‘The Brain’s Zoology & Biology’ is an illustrated¬†encyclopedia and my graduation project. All illustrations, book design and layout and writing is done by myself. The whole book is 60 pages.



When I first started to develop my project I tried to look into my own interests and fascinations. I knew I liked to create worlds and design around them, but making an animation concept or a comic would be too generic of a concept for me. Invertrebates and their intricate microscopic details won me over to do something with it. My personal artwork also usually has elements of mental and psychological aspects thus I decided to combine the two. I liked the idea to make personifications of emotions, but I did not want to make something commercial. There was an appreciation in the detailed illustrations in classic zoology books so I decided to make my own encyclopedia of creatures that represented emotions and were nested into the brain.


When designing the creatures I started out with sillhouettes that Rorschach tests. With having the form down first I can experiment on the details in the later stages.



All creatures are categorized into a color genus. Each species shares characteristics within the same genus. The infographic below illustrates the location and general overview.


Click on each species to read their name.

Flora & Minerals

Additional plants and minerals were drawn to develop the habitat. Unlike the creatures these only have a latin or scientific name.



As a mandatory part of the graduation project we had to make a promotional poster. I decided to make a collage of the creatures in the habitat.



Another part of the project was to write an editorial. I wrote a fictional newspaper clipping about the discovery of this world.



Printing the hardcover book was outsourced. The pages have a yellow tint to replicate the aesthetic of an old encyclopedia.

Interested in a copy? I have a very limited amount of copies and currently looking for a publisher. Feel free to contact me.